You Are What You Eat

Let’s face it, even with a dozen of shops and cafes within arm’s reach, a pub round the corner and a Michelin starred restaurant down the street, sometimes you still prefer dining at home. Cooking is a major passion in my life, and I can’t think of one thing more important than what you eat and how you eat. Here’s a collection of what I’ve been cooking(ordering) and eating at home for the past week. 🙂
Friday dinner for three: 
We had Mozzarella with mixed coloured tomatoes, pan-fired lamb cutlets with rosemary and mixed vegetable fried Lasagne strips.

Saturday dinner for two:

 Grilled pork chop with homemade BBQ sauce, served on couscous with cherry tomato & chili salad.

Sunday lazy dinner take out for two:
Meaty cheese burger based Pizza Hut take out, with a Polish red from a friend(mainly to test out the speedy decanter buddy we got the other day! How exciting!)

Monday BBQ night (Chinese Moon festival) with friends:
Standard BBQ stuff & Spinach salad with streaky bacon and couscous;
Dessert being traditional Moon cake pastry & the sweetest grapefruit you’ll ever taste
Tuesday dinner for two:
Spicy stir fry with squid and mixed pepper(unused ingredients from the BBQ);
Steamed pork slices in grinded rice;
Brown couscous
Wednesday late night dinner:
Taiwanese pork & garlic flavour instant noodles with added avocado slices