Would You Come For A Walk With Me?

We live in this time when everybody is going somewhere, planning something, meeting someone. “What are your plans for the weekend?”, “What’s your plan for summer?”, “Any plans for tonight?” are always the questions being asked. It almost seems like having no “exciting/crazy/pushing your own limits” plan is an indication of you being some kind of loser.
I personally have no problem against planning as an act itself. I myself am actually a rather organised, planning ahead kind of person. But wouldn’t it be nice, once in a while, just to forget about any “plan”, take a purposeless walk with a loved one, maybe on a warm and sunny Autumn afternoon like this? Would you?

Illusion necklace: ASOS;
Knitted top: similar from Gap;
Wide-leg cullotes: similar from ASOS;
Waterfall cardigan: similar styles from here or here;
Loafers: Micheal Kors,
Illusion rings: ASOS;
Staking rings: similar from Mango