Wide Leg and Asymmetric

Now who’d have thought this could be a good combination? Not me. When I got this shirt initially, I always thought I’d pair it with a pair of leggings. But I tried and tried, and I never found a pairing good enough to show off the amazingness of the pieces. I blame my legs. I have a rather typical Chinese body figure: narrow shoulders and relatively short limbs, just not the type favoured by major fashion aesthetic trend at the moment(or ever). So my vision of the shirt going with a pair of leather-effect leggings(maybe) and some sleek & minimal ankle boots seemed not to suit myself all that much. The shirt sat and sat in my closet for almost a month, and then I finally decided to ditch my old thoughts and go the other way completely, and that’s how this post happened!

Fashion is a tricky thing, you always have to find a balance between being daring and bold(because that’s how you’ll truly find your style that expresses your mood and personality) whilst hiding your flaws and focus on your assets(or maybe not if you’re a runway model).
Well, here are what the outfit would be consisted of in my innocent mind:
Shirt // Leggings // Boots
And here are the items I actually wore(as I held myself up to face the ugly truth):
Shirt // Trousers // Leather jacket(similar) // Bag // Shoes(although you can’t see) // lips