Why a Boyfriend Cardigan is An Essential

Not that I don’t own my own cardigans. In fact in my cardigan drawer they come in a variety of colours and styles. But somehow, the ones in hubby’s wardrobe just looked better. It’s not even one of those “the grass is always greener” case, trust me. When I came to think of the reason why I reached out to his wardrobe, guess what, I actually found some logical explanations. boyfriend-cardigan-10 November in Hong Kong is like July in London. We go out in sleeveless and shorts, and still end up with sweaty armpits. But any indoor places has the strongest air conditioning cold enough for cashmere hats and scarfs.  Hubby’s basic Uniqlo cardigan became my true saviour. A great layering piece that’s easy to throw on or take off depending on the situation. And because the cut for men is loose and airy for me, I can play around with more ways to wear it, back to front/upside down/drape it like a cape/wrap it like a scarf… I’ve tried 3 looks here, but the possibility is definitely more.boyfriend-cardigan-11 boyfriend-cardigan-9 First look: wear back to frontuntitled-1

Second look: a graceful knot untitled-2Third look:  just playing by the rule

untitled-3 boyfriend-cardigan-4 boyfriend-cardigan-26 boyfriend-cardigan-21 boyfriend-cardigan-22 boyfriend-cardigan-23 boyfriend-cardigan-24 boyfriend-cardigan-20 boyfriend-cardigan-30 boyfriend-cardigan-19 boyfriend-cardigan-27 boyfriend-cardigan-17 img_5498 boyfriend-cardigan-32 boyfriend-cardigan-33 boyfriend-cardigan-36 boyfriend-cardigan-40 boyfriend-cardigan-39 See what I mean with the air cons?boyfriend-cardigan-38Especially when you know you’re going in and out places, sightseeing, attending meetings, or from day to night. A casual, wider cut cardigan is great for layering and keep you in style, be it your other half’s or just one picked up from the men section.

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// John Smedley Grey Cardigan from Mr Porter//