White Shirt & Blue Jeans

Much like cooking, there are basic ingredients which once you get right, the rest of dish/outfit simply cannot go wrong. And here I’m talking about such a “base” that consists of a plain white shirt and a pair of perfectly fitted blue jeans.

Meeting Ely, a jewellery designer, who’s expanding her young but successful brand from Mexico all the way to London, I was honoured to take a preview of her amazing jewellery line for the new season. Not knowing what wonders I was going to be shown to, I reached for the “perfect base” for anything.

Well, everything else you’d already seen in some previous outfit posts(Burgundy Leather CoatBag & Blanket Cape), which were obviously styled with other garments at the time. 
Then of course, all the juicy jewels were from Jill & Jill Jewellery by Ely Hopkins . I literately can’t wait to get hold of all of them! It was a cruel thing to have to give them back after this shoot as some of them were still samples!