White On White

I’m not sure how this style is only becoming so recognised recently. But white-on-white, especially a white T paired with a white pair of denim is such a great way to dress on a tropical vacation. Not only does it look great in the pictures(because you’d be ready to go with any kind of background, be it a beach, a rain forest or a busy city scene), white will also help bounce of sunlight to keep you as cool as possibly can be. Yet another bonus, is that by separating them to go with the rest of the pieces in your suitcase, white is just as versatile as black, if not even more so in the warm seasons.

And no, I was not in Japan again. Although the resemblance in the architecture is very misleading here.  Taiwan was for quite a bit of time, colonized by Japan. And this particular residence, now the  Yilan Literary Museum, is actually built completely in Japanese style. Once taking your steps inside the museum ground, you will feel transported to a quiet garden in the mountain of Kyoto.