White Heat

Sunshine and heat all of a sudden hit London. I’m not complaining at all here, but it was a bit unreal and difficult to accept this ‘too-good-to-be-true’ reality. Who’s not a fan of blue sky, pink blossoms and bright sunshine? I mean, even Olaf loves summer!

Unless I’m avoiding looking too much like a bride, otherwise I’ll always choose white over black. I love the colour white, and I’m so happy to see white on white becomes a hit trend in fashion. That means we’re sure to see more designs and styles available in white come from the all brands we love.

I’ve recently opened up the H&M website, and this white blazer on the main slider instantly caught my eyes, and won over my heart. I decided to go all out and went for an entirely white outfit. I loved the all white look, only that it looked a tiny bit too smart for just a normal daily look. Of course it might not be a concern for some people at all. But I have found that using some light colours on accessories, especially if you had a scarf to break down the all white structure, the look would instantly become more casual and relaxed.
// Marble Print (PERFECTION!) Bag from Rebecca Minkoff (unfortunately now sold out everywhere:((() //