What Doesn’t Happen On A Sailing Trip

Now the whole post here is very much setup. I washed my hair with fresh water and put on lipsticks thinking “I AM A FASHION BLOGGER”. The reality was like how I told you before, on the boat, I never ever accessorised myself, or put on any sort of make up at all. All those you’ve seen in fashion magazines and movies, they remain fictional. 

But if it’s only going to be a day trip on a yacht, or if you’re meeting someone special and you really want to make an extra effort with style, then this is the look for you. 
Long, wide-leg trousers are very impractically fashionable when paired with you swimsuit. With a pair of heels and some pretty red lips, you’re ready to head to any posh restaurants or private beach clubs during your holiday. A handmade Panama hat is also an essential accessory for a beach holiday. Unlike your wide-leg trousers, it’s actually functional as well as stylish.

// Swimsuit from Mikoh on // (also seen here)
// Panama Hat from Laird London // (also seen here)
// Palazzo Pants (similar) from ASOS //
// Beaded Travellers Bracelet from Nail on ASOS //
// Sunglasses from Miu Miu // (also seen here)
// Nude Heels(similar) from // (also seen here)