Wear It Pink

When did we stop loving pink? A little pink is in every baby girl’s nursery if not the entire room! And we were told to love the colour pink since an age as young as I could remember. But as we girls grow up, the poor colour is ruthlessly ditched away from the wardrobes as if it was something to be ashamed about. Why? I can’t find a good enough reason for it. But what I can find is a good reason to love and wear it again this October.

Wear it pink day is the 24th of October this year. It’s a delightful and fun way to raise awareness as well as money for breast cancer. Breast cancer occurs to a relatively high proportion of our population. Chances are, some one you know has experienced it or going through it at the moment. My middle school math teacher had it. Her disease was discovered and treated at an early stage, so it wasn’t any threat to her life. But still she suffered from huge pain and damage to her body. When you go through something like breast cancer, you come out being a different person.

To make things better, the only way is more research. So let’s get involved, as it is as easy as pie. If you go on the campaign website:, and sign up on there, you’ll receive a pack of instructions and tools to assist you with organising your own fundraising event.

If you need any outfit inspirations, here are some picks of the best pinks(and most from the sale too! So there’s no excuse)! Unless you’re like me, who’s been hiding away a trunk full of pink clothing just waiting for the right moment. Then that means you really have to do this!:)
Outfit No.1: Casually pink   Hat // Jumper // Shoes

Outfit No.2: Party pink    Dress // Belt // Shoes

Outfit No.3: Street chic pink     Dress // Jacket

Outfit No.4: Office pink     Top // Coat

For myself, I’ll just have to pick any piece out of my “secret pink trunk” and I will be all set! (Coat from 3.1 Phillip Lim A/W 13 now sold out. But if you’re ready to splurge on a statement pink overcoat for this winter, look over on here at the “you may also like” section)