We Are Young

Since becoming a parent, I’ve naturally embraced a more “grown up” style of dressing. But once you grow out of the “new parents” bubble, you wake up one day and all of a sudden realise, you are still young. 
As you who read my blog know, I started writing here last July. The blog isn’t much, a few pictures and words every so often(okay, very often actually), tracking and sharing some of my style, travel, experiences…basically my way of looking at things around me. I figured that I was still young and adventurous enough to try all sorts of stuff. I would make notes of everything here that hopefully could inject new ideas into the lives of those who read them. 

I set my mind on doing this, but I couldn’t possibly have done it by myself. Here I want to thank everyone who’s helped me take outfit photos during the past few months: Clare, Lin, Karen…but most of all, my super supportive partner, who’s taken most of my outfit pictures for me, in good times and bad times(yes it was in our vows but I bet he didn’t see all these coming). He was the hand that realised my vision, the heart that forgave all my bossiness, the voice that cheered me on when I got lost. I’m so thankful of the fact that how young and careless we are, so we have all the time and energy in the world to learn different possibilities, (and better yet-)together. 

We both dressed up the other day(well, we both do that almost every day, but), headed for Christmas sale bargain hunt. 

My outfit consisted of:

//Coat from Bimba Y Lola//
//Knitted Skirt from ASOS//
//Cross Body Bag from ASOS//
//Faux Fur Snood from ASOS//
//Chelsea Boots from M&S//
//Fishnet leggings(similar) from M&S//

While Shang’s outfit included:

//Velvet Blazer(similar) from Ted Baker//
//Christmas Jumper(similar) from ASOS//
//Hat from Laird London//
//Scarf from Paul Smith//
//Ultra Stretch Jeans from Uniqlo//
//Loafers from Bobbies Paris//

Would Shang make a more successful fashion blogger than I would? Maybe. But I don’t care!