Sailing in Croatia PT.1: Vis Island, Croatia

It’s been a long time coming, but after our last sailing experience in Greece, we’ve craved for another one for the past three years. The fact that you get to hide away from civilization(well, as much as you feel comfortable with), jump in those refreshing, clear, blue water anytime you fancy, and sleep like a little baby with the gentle rocks from the boat(which I still feel now almost a week after being back on land)… the experience of a sailing trip is unlike anything else to say the least. Being NOT on a luxury yacht, but a fairly modern, well-equipped, beginner-friendly catamaran,  we all get to be the passengers, servants, crews, chefs, and occasionally the captain(in turns, of course) at one point or another whilst on board. And to me, that’s exactly where all the point and fun is in this trip!

And this time around, we’ve chosen Croatia to be the destination. The boat was picked up at Zadar, and somewhat under the influence of Mamma Mia 2, we headed straight to the beautiful island of Vis, where the filming took place. With the blessing of good weather and a peaceful ocean, we arrived at Vis after 2 good days worth of straight on sailing, plus a breathtaking sunset rewarded to us at the end of the first day.

Vis is the furthest inhabited island away from the Croatian coast. It’s only reachable with a 2-hour ferry ride from split, or by people like us who sail around the islands by boat. As a result, even in the main town of Vis, you still get a sense of peace and serenity, a good spot in a nice restaurant with well mannered staffs(which is a rarity if you head for those more remote islands), and a great balance of historical town and beautiful nature. 



And in case you haven’t noticed, but ocean inspired, shell/pearl jewelry is seriously on trend at the moment. Although summer might be over in many places, and most certainly in the UK, a delicate dangling shell or two on the ears in memory of a good summer can never hurt. I’ve selected a few beautiful sea inspired ear pieces here. I’m feeling tempted to go for a few more to wear with the turtlenecks already.