Venice Part Three: 6 Boxes You Must Tick When Visiting Venice

The 1st box to tick: Lunch at a local Osteria.

My priority when traveling is always around the food I want to eat. I usually never stumble into places, unless it looks really good and authentic, and the place I had in mind was somehow unfeasible. I always research way ahead, and book for the space whenever possible. But if I don’t have the time to do all that, I’d at least do the research before going out on the day. I use instagram, tripadvisor, google, Monocle guides, Conde nast traveler guides, bloggers I follow, and the bloggers I follow follow… … in short, I take things pretty seriously.

So after a lazy morning researching lunch places in bed, we head out around midday for lunch.

The 2nd box to tick: …with the help from an energy boosting Alfogato(this Italian ice cream, sometimes with a coffee centre, and to be enjoyed with a shot of espresso poured over it) halfway.

Leaving the crowded touristy area behind, we reach this quint little lunch spot called Osteria L’Orto dei Mori. Lunch time there is a little more quiet thanks to its location, which is perfect if you happen to get a little overwhelmed by all the crowded bridges and plazas back near the attractions. We got full attention from all the staffs. And every dish, washes down beautifully with some liquid gold, along with the beautiful view of a lovely little bridge over a narrow strand of the canal.

I always have a lot of respect for small, independent restaurants who’s willing to take a risk and get creative on the menus. Osteria L’Orto dei Mori is one of them for sure. The pan fried curry prawn with fennel is the most appetizing starter you can ask for. The curry doesn’t at all take over the natural flavours from the seafood. The dish is rich yet refreshing, preps the palate for the main events followed.

Veals liver pan fried with onions; Prawn fusilli in home made tomato sauce; Inkfish ribbon with cuttlefish cubes; and finally, a seafood strew with the most unbelievable broth packed with umami.

I was kind of glad that I’d skipped breakfast that morning.

After the fulfilling lunch, we had to walk it off. And luckily Venice is the perfect city to take a lot of walks in, and I have the perfect shoes on for it too. An Italian brand that I’ve discovered, ironically, while in Dubai, makes the most comfortable shoes ever! It’s safe to say that they fit like a pair of gloves for the feet, and yet stylish! The brand is called Anniel, and I recommend the Derby and Oxford shoe in suede finish.

You can find a lot of them here, and some on sale too.

And more of these snugly “feet gloves” below:


And the navy blazer that completed so many of my outfits

And for the rest of the outfit:

Once you have the right gear to walk around, the 3rd box to tick would be: people watch in Venice.

Yes you’ve always known that Venice is a watery town. But it’s another thing seeing water taxis, water DHL couriers and water ambulances cruising up and down the canal. I find those truly fascinating, even more so than the famous bridges and cathedrals.

Walking around the Venice city can be hypnotizing. There are so many things and people to look at, architectures to wow and woo at, before you realise it, your feet are tired and you’re probably dehydrated having been exposed too long in the sun. But luckily, you can always hop on a Gondola, which is also conveniently the 4th box that you might want to tick while you’re there.

Yes they are ridiculously expensive, so always try and have a friendly bargaining with the boat owners. It’s part of the experience. But once you hop on one of those, I guarantee you will feel a bit like a royalty for sure.


We pulled over near our next destination. Because it was time… …

Time for ticking box number 5: enjoy a Bellini sunset on the roof terrace of Hotel Danieli. Honestly, tell me if you’re not a fan of Bellini, or a golden sunset, or a grand architectural wonder of a historical 5-star hotel… because you’d be the first I know. For me, any one of those things would get me pretty excited, not to imagine mixing all those elements into one experience. Trust me, head to Hotel Danieli‘s roof on a sunny late afternoon, have a Bellini in hand, shoo off those intruding seagulls, and enjoy Venice like a king. 


I was feeling over the moon after a couple of drinks with the breathtaking view at Hotel Danieli. On the way back to the hotel, I was not even sure whether I walked, or skipped, or danced. I didn’t realise that I was ready for the next meal until walking past this pizzeria, only to find myself turning my head and staring at those cheeky carbohydrate goodness… Should I? Or should I not?

Well, you are, after all, in Italy. It’d be rude not to.

The 6th box to tick: have a pizza takeaway dinner, and do not feel guilty about it.