Tiger and Roses

Spring is in full bloom as we spend this peaceful Easter Sunday Holiday at home. Not only have fresh roses occupied many table tops at home, they also climbed up on our wall.

These vintage rose illustrations by Pierre-Joseph Redouté in golden frames were new additions to the home. Nothing else shouts “Spring” in the face better than these. Every time I walk by these prints, I’d take a deep breathe as if I could smell the roses. And I embrace the new life that has come to this wall and our home thanks to the magic of art. 

There were 24 prints in total, and much thanks to the picture hanging system, the whole process of putting these beauties up on the wall were made as simple and hassle-free as possible.

And since we’re talking about nature(kind of), you must have heard of or at least seen this animal silk scarf somewhere. The genius range of animal themed silk scarfs are from Cleo Ferin Mercury. Apart from this beige/orangy tiger, they also come in other colours and animals, such as black/white cat, pink jaguar, orange/blue fox etc. This playful design injects new life into any type of outfits as long as you dare to wear them.