The Venue

The Parisian has great ability in creating grand buildings and rooms. Comparing to them, the British seemed much more modest and reserved when it comes to splurging on their houses.

The morning started with a coffee and some pastries at Le Dali at Le Meurice which was a 5-star hotel under the Dorchester collection. The space was incredibly whimsical with a huge canvas painting across the ceiling, which I then learnt was done by the daughter of Phillipe Starck. After I was seated and had chance to have a better look at the details, I spotted so many Dali influenced furnitures and decorations hiding in all the other normal elegant ones. It was a room with a sense of humour, and you’d end up finding yourself in a treasure hunting adventure like I was, looking for the Dalis in Le Dali! 

After the breakfast which lasted for way too long, it was almost time for lunch(what?)! We had booked a lunch at the Carre des Feuillants days ago, but that morning was lost in the wonder of Dali and I might have had one too many mini croissant. It was only 1 hour to lunch, and I tried my best to “walk” my appetite up again!

I wore my reversible bomber from Isabel Marant. I mean, what better garment to bring to a trip than a reversible piece? One piece that will allow at least double the possibilities of different outfits, definitely a good investment for the holiday season coming up.

My one was from seasons ago which is no where to be found anymore(maybe until I decide to sell it). But here I’ve a few equally beautiful pieces selected that are all ready up for grabs.

Reversible Bomber Jacket from Paul & Joe // Reversible Bomber Jacket from Mcq By Alexander Mcqueen // Reversible Bomber Jacket from T by Alexander Wang

And another holiday staple for me, is the softest T-shirt from Wildfox. And this one even says “Take Me On Vacation”! I could not have said no to it.

The rest of the outfit is quite basic, which consisted of:

// T-shirt from Zara //
// Leggings from Uniqlo HEATTECH //
// Boots from M&S // 
// Black Leather Tote (similar) from Michael Kors // 

The lunch was spectacular, and I made sure that I had enough to last me through all the way to mid night as I had an opera booked at the Versailles(thumbs up for planning ahead?!).

As my taxi approached the palace, it was all lit up shining like gold in the distance. We walked along with the opera loving crowd through the chapel to arrive at the theatre. 

After three acts of the mind-blowing drama and vocal of Hasse’s Siroe, we left the palace at midnight. I ordered pasta as soon as I arrived at the hotel, and (STARVINGLY) took some pictures of my beautiful dress that night from Three Floor on the balcony to pass the waiting time. 

Finally when the pasta came, it was better than the Michelin starred lunch I swear!