The Temperature Has Dropped! So Have The Prices

Just a day after Christmas, the cold had really hit town. But never mind, it’s only more excuses for us to look for more winter warmer bargains in the sale!

What to take home from the sale can be a difficult decision to make. Shopping in the sale is a completely different experience than shopping in non-sale seasons. Faced with endless crowds and queues, and usually a reduced level of customer service, you really want to snatch exactly what you like, and get out of there ASAP.
To achieve that, it might sound a bit crazy, but what I usually do is to do all my “homework” as much as possible before hitting the sale. I would go to the websites of the brands I’d be interested to buy from, make a wish list of all the items I liked, and note them down in my phone to remind myself what to try on when I go to the shop. 
With all those done and left with exactly(actually a bit more than) what I wanted, finally I had a chance to get away from the busy streets of central London to meet some friends and take a wintery walk looking down at the beautiful city from a distance. All because I could, wearing the wonderful sale picks that kept me from the cold!

Fantastic view of London from Alexandra Palace.

I was fearless of the cold wearing:
//Over The Knee Brown Boots(similar) from Nine West//