The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath

 I arrived at night, and was stunned by its beauty.

The Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath is located at the very centre of the royal crescent(surprise surprise!), which is formed by 30 Georgian terraced houses facing and overlooking the city of bath and the many surrounding fields. Its prestiges location on the top of a slope means there’s nothing but the city in distance, and a sky full of stars before you.

So I arrived to this breathtaking night view of the royal crescent, thinking it would be tough for a hotel to play up to this setting. But I was wrong. As I walked through the lobby, passed the winding stone laid path to my classic suite(the cheapest type of room that allowed dogs), every single detail in the hotel matched perfectly with the majestic royal crescent. And I only felt more and more like stepping into the snobbish bit of a Jane Austin’s novel. And there I was, arrived in front of my room that’s named “Jane Austin”-cliché you might say, but appropriate.  

The room itself was clean, cosy, classy, sweet and elegant all at the same time. Nothing overwhelmingly luxurious or extravagant, but all well planned and decorated with impeccable taste and attention to detail in a very subtle way. There was a separate living space away from the room door, so the dogs could finally get their peace rather than woofing vigorously every time when a person walk past our room. 

After some snacks and champaign, and a exciting tour around our room, I finally rested my sleepy head in the princess-y bed(anything with a canopy is like…)

The next morning was the most beautiful kind of morning you could ever ask for – a glorious morning, a morning that would go perfectly with the uplifting endnote of an opera. You know those kind of mornings, I’m sure. In the morning light, the hotel seemed even more lovely: daisies alongside of the path that I went by last night; the blue themed dining room washed with sunlight; alcohol(well)..; the little English mansions that the rooms were set in; and the crescent itself! 

Standing at the hotel door in a day like that, you’ll feel like you’re the person whole owns and rules the whole of Bath! Except you’re not. But it’s always nice to be able to feel that way even for a second, no? 

The hotel has much more to offer that I haven’t had get a chance to try out. It’s very proud of its own spa and restaurant. Although I didn’t get to dine in the restaurant for dinner, the service and selection of food I experienced at breakfast already said it all. Just by writing and remembering about the hotel at this moment, I want to go back there already!