The Power Pair

I’ve always believed in dressing to express oneself, or even to empower one with qualities that are usually lacked in your usual personality. I can still remember vividly how a piece of floaty ruffled dress has made me feel like an Italian senorita on a late summer afternoon, and how a breton T-shirt with some dungarees have instantly filled me with child-like energies and made me all active and ready to have some fun. Moments like those in my diary are countless. I can also never forget the first time when I wore a suit to attend my university interviews… all the nerves and excitements, somehow contained and managed by the clean, tailored lines of the jacket: no exaggeration, but the suit was once my magic armour.

Time has flown since my time as a university fresher. And I no longer wear my suits with nerves and a tense body. But what has not changed, is the way wearing a good tailored suit makes me feel: empowered, safe, and now somewhat fabulous. Pairing with a silk shirt for professional contexts, or with more fun & colourful bits during the more casual hours… the possibility is endless. But your suit shall always make sure that no one is to mess with this lady right here.

In terms of cutting, I went for a slender, long-line jacket paired with a pair of slightly flared trousers, inspired by the famous Le Smoking suit from YSL. You could of course go for say, the very much on trend wide shoulder with a cinched in waistline for these couple of seasons; or just an unpretentious, well tailored, classic piece that would last for your lifetime. Whatever that makes you feel the best and strongest women of yourself, then I think you’ve got the right one.

Silvy Bag from Subella London