The Oriental

The trip back to China was filled by meetings with friends and family up and down the country. We landed in Shanghai, and then visited both my husbands and my cities which had a good 700 kilometres between them. Within the 3 weeks, it took us more than 3 whole days purely being on the road. And for all the other precious times, we spent them deep in family reunion mode. Hence there was the only day when I had some spare time for this very much tourist-like fashion post for you.

The weather back in China was proper London summer weather(China will get hotter in summer of course, usually around 40C mid summer when all your fashion sense just evaporates with the heat). I brought this beautiful duster coat/kimono that I had purchased just before the trip in River Island(refer to my last post) with me. It’s got this amazing oriental print with cranes flying through clouds. And the splits on the lower half of the coat gives it beautiful movements when you walk(/run/jump/twirl/etc.). It seemed all too appropriate for a trip to China.

I visited the previous residence for the legendary Mao in my own city Wuhan. The houses hide away from all the city centre buzzes by surrounding themselves with miles of trees, park and one of the biggest lakes in the middle of a city in China. Thoughtfully laid out little gardens, floating restaurant by the lake…just how a country leader would know to treat himself.