The Courtyard & Best Udon In Town

The courtyard in Somerset House is usually where 55 fountains dance happily up and down in the middle. But every twice a year, a big tent is set up on top of them, instead of dancing water, it becomes a place for dancing heels and flashing cameras. It is the London Fashion Week. 
As a new comer to the fashion blogging community, I feel somewhat obligated to bring you some of the freshest sights of the London fashion week S/S 15. This is for all the fashionistas around the world, with the brightest ideas to offer, but who may live thousands of miles away from any of the so-called “fashion capitals”. I know if there’s any way, you will give anything to be able to walk on these brick-laid grounds, breathe in this Thames infused London air, and see all the newest collections from some of the top talents in the fashion industry. Although I don’t believe that you need any of these to have a true style(as I see so many great bloggers do), I come here as it’s only a tube ride away, and here’s what I’ve got to share with you today.

There were some of the most well-dressed peeps and pups:), me, and then a wonderful evening treat with the best handmade udon at Koya.

I layered together two shirts(as I love layering):
Golden chain printed shirt from Equipment,
Sheer collar-less shirt from Ralph Lauren,
Wide leg trousers similar style from UNGARO VINTAGE,
Dark green belt similar from Diesel,
Bowling bag from Sophie Hulme.

And yes, this is how edamame plant looks like!