That Kiss

It’s the best feeling when you find yourself actually using something purchased as a souvenir during, say, a museum visit during a holiday.

But the truth is, many museum shops now a days have really stepped up their games. For instance, I regularly visit the shop at V&A for funky home accessories and unique jewellery pieces as they always stock a beautiful range that’s edgy and with an element of design. Plus, they are usually extremely fairly priced than other little boutiques where you might find the same brands.  

Anyways, I’d bought this little bag in the ‘Musee Rodin’ during my last trip to Paris which you might have read about in a few previous articles(if not, find them here). It’s a little black carrier bag with the famous Rodin sculpture ‘The Kiss’ kind of embroidered in the centre. I gladly bought it out with me the other day, and it was the perfect size for my ipad and note book!

Also, it is already February now! You know what day is just around the corner!? This bag could be a nice little something for a gift(or part of a gift) for that special day too:))