Thai at Crazy Bear, Oxford

Not long ago, I had something close to the perfect weekend away at The Crazy Bear Hotel, Stadhampton. Reception in a red bus, massage, afternoon drinks, Thai food, flaming cocktails, indulging bath, leather flooring in the room perfect for dancing… which of your box hasn’t been ticked? All mine are done!

We arrived to a spa treatment, which was performed by one of the most skilful thai masseuse I’ve ever encountered(and I’ve been to more than just a few around the world). My joints and muscle knots clicked away like a happy drum where her fingers touched. She didn’t use much pressure, just hit the exact spots every single time. Magical! None picture was taken there, but I assure you it was the perfect way to start an afternoon. I felt like a new person.

After the massage, we went straight to the bar. The decor was full of old time glamour, almost a little decadent. The ideal backdrop to eat and drink and talk all your troubles away. 

We had a decent(although debatable) amount of champaign at the bar and decided to leave the rest the bottle for dinner, and head to the room, which followed the same kind of vibe of the interior style in the bar.

The minute I set my eyes on the bathtub, there was no doubt that a soothing bath time was needed. The water tab was in the leather padded ceiling, and the overflow was designed the same way as a limitless pool.

Getting out of the bath(difficult that it was), it was almost time to get ready for dinner at the famous thai restaurant at the hotel.

I wore this little grey wool dress with fringe details from Hobbs, while the same style dress is not available anymore, I’ve found the skirt, which I’m sure when paired with a grey vest will look just the same. Plus you’ll have the fun to mix it up with other style tops:)

// Harewood Skirt from Hobbs //
// Nude Court Heels(similar) from //
// Court Heels with Ankle Straps from //
// Cecile Pre-stacked Ring from V Jewellery on ASOS //
// Royal Sword Ring from V Jewellery on ASOS //

Took a short but completely dark walk from our building to the main, where the restaurant was situated in. Luckily we had our phones to lit the path.

The building glowed. 

The thai restaurant was on the lower ground, and looked a bit like an exotic cave.

Again, walls all padded with soft crushed velvets. Tables were borrowed from the middle east, golden trays on low tables. 

I started off with a zombie, with flames. 

Then the most impressive thai snack platter came. All the ingredients looked incredibly fresh. It was the most golden and perfectly cooked chicken satay I’d ever had in the UK. All the dipping sauces were homemade too. Each different dish had a particular sauce to go with, and the combinations created some of the most pleasant and authentic flavours I’ve had in a long time. Homemade pickles were provided to clear the palate after each dish too. If I was scoring, this platter would have been a perfect 10 out of 10. 

After the platter, the gent studied the long wine list to hunt for a good match for the mains. 

While he sipped on the sour and spicy soup.

Then came the mains, my braised pork belly with kailan, his thai duck curry, and a papaya salad on the side to share.

The flavours were amazing, I especially enjoyed the papaya salad. It was so appetising and refreshing, seasoned just on point. Of course, in no time everything was washed down with the red.

We were too full to take any more dessert. But I did notice in the afternoon while at the bar, that someone ordered this cocktail hiding in the shape of a tea. Raspberry flavoured with cream, can’t go wrong.  

For the ladies, I’m telling you the background and lighting of this restaurant makes it perfect for taking pictures! When we were there as the last table of guests, I went a bit too happy snapping away in every corner of the room!(but who can resist?) So, just be ready with a empty tummy but a fully charged camera, and you’ll have the best time there.

Did I tempt you to give this weekend break itinerary some thought?