Testing the Pajama Pants Trend in Taipei

I’m always a huge advocate for any trend in fashion that promotes comfort. The pajama trend that’s been around for several seasons, is one that I’m ALL IN for.

Be it a silk slip dress, or a shirt/trousers co-ord, the pajama trend gives you the ultimate comfort whilst looking somewhat put-together when accessorized right. If a head to toe pajama outfit is a bit too daring for your usual taste, then try mixing half of a set with something else can be the first step towards mastering a pajama chic look.

For exploring Taipei National Palace museum, I decided to put myself in ultimate comfort by wearing this pair of PJ trousers, with a white linen shirt that’s actually from the menswear for the laid back fit. I tried to pair the outfit with the coolest looking sandals from the H&M studio collection. While it looked super cool on my feet and in the photos, it didn’t quite keep in line with the “comfortable” theme I was trying to go for that day. In the end I went for a pair of white sneakers instead.

Cult Gaia Bag


The National Palace museum itself feels like a huge treasure cave. The best, some of the most lavish, intricate, luxurious artifacts from the Chinese history are on display in there.  A wide range of jade objects, paintings and calligraphy,  furniture and jewelries… a day in that museum will leave anyone in owe of the extravagance of lifestyle in China back then.  If you’re feeling peckish after the museum, there’s no need to look further than the restaurant “Silk Palace” located within the museum ground. Unlike the typical rip-offs at attractions, everything there are actually tasty and at a reasonable price.  The dishes that you should absolutely go for are the two that resemble two of the jade sculptures in the museum. A perfect cube of braised port belly, and a poached baby cabbage(just take a look at how adorable they are in these pictures below!).  After the museum and a more than satisfying lunch, we headed to Jiufen, a little town located 1-hour east to the capital, that’s particularly famous among Ghibli fans for being the reference for the famous spiritual town in “Spirited Away”. It you’re visiting, do it at night. Around 5;30pm that’s when the lights are starting to be lit, and all the food stalls and little restaurants are in full action.

But my true feeling towards the place is quite complicated. While being extremely scenic and photo-ready(with the lights and lanterns on), the whole place feels just a little gimmicky with many shops selling repeated, tacky tourist souvenirs and snacks that you can find in any supermarkets but here for double/triple the price. If you have other plans, I’d say it’s a place you can skip(can you read my face in the picture below?).   …Skip…