After getting completely dazzled by the accommodation and our natural surroundings for the first 1 and a half days, finally we got around to visit The Bowes Museum, which was initially the main purpose of this little getaway trip. 

The morning started again with beautiful views of the fields, which was why the appearance of the somewhat grand architecture of the museum came as a little bit of a shock.

Walking up and down the staircase in between different rooms, it was unimaginable how all of these were somehow built by husband & wife team of the Bowes’.  

A silver swan that used to display in the children’s room, and an amazingly lively motion that imitated the real animal almost completely. It could move its neck all angles, pick up a jumping fish and swallow it! I was positively beguiled!

But not forgetting the main event of the day, we headed to the Yves Saint Laurent Style is Eternal exhibition that’s currently showing at the Bowes museum until the 25th October, 2015. If you’ve seen the McQueen exhibition at the V&A earlier on this year, I can tell you now this one is no inferior to that. Well if you haven’t been to the McQueen and is feeling gutted, visiting this one will make it all up to you(and at a fraction of the ticket price for the McQueen).

So many monumental designs in the fashion history on display: iconic pieces, original drawings and textiles, books, documentaries, more dresses and jewellery… it was a true feast for the eyes. (and no, I haven’t given too much away with the pics at all)

What kept me warm in the countryside:
Jacket(also worn here)
// Tweed Jacket (similar) from Topshop //
// Tweed Blazer (different pattern) from Uniqlo Ines de la Fressange 

Cashmere Jumper
// V Neck Jumper in Cashmere from ASOS White //
// Orange Roll Neck Cashmere Jumper from ASOS White //

High Waist Jeans
// Winter Bleach Jeans from Topshop MOTO //
// Bleach Ripped Jeans from Topshop MOTO //

// Pom Pom Beanie (similar) from Missguided //