Take Me on Vacation

The weather in London is screaming holiday season lately. I decided to join London and scream cheap NBA jerseys the same message myself, literately. This lovely Wildfox(Same Memory style, different slogan, bagi or long sleeves with the same slogan) knitted T-shirt is the Start softest thing ever you can throw on yourself. And it is the one thing that I would not hesitate to pack into my luggage for any vacation. The most ideal throw-on over any holiday dress or bikini, perfect! 
But since I’m still in town, not actually on a vacation, I modestly paired the T-shirt with these shorts from American Apparel for a late afternoon picnic with the dogs. Sneaker style sandals from DKNY (similar style) (or Ash), leather weaved shoulder bag cheap jerseys from 7 for all mankind. If there’s a more formal event wholesale jerseys later MYSPACE in the evening, simply wear something like a wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys blazer over it, and legend, you’re ready to go.

And finally, wish everyone a great weekend Зарабатываем filled with colourful moods. (My colourful mermaid ring from Bimba y Lola) xxx