Switching Off – Glamping in Hampshire

Woken up by the chirping birds from the warmth of my duvet and the trusty little wood burning fire stove, a breathe of cold & crisp morning air never felt so good.

The comfort of a blanket cape is all I need after waking up in my night slip, and just before getting into “serious” clothing. (I mean, it’s not like anything “serious” is needed when you’re just facing an empty field all by yourself, but just saying)
But a blanket cape is always appropriate, you can even use it as a picnic blanket if you have some kind of a picnic emergency going on.






Blanket Capes:

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// Stripe Cape in Knit from ASOS SALE //
// Cape with Heritage Check from ASOS SALE //
Silk Slip Dress:
// Silk Satin Slip Dress by SILK & GREY //
// Karla Spetic Lorelei Cutout Silk Dress from //
// See You Never Rose Gold Slip Dress from ASOS //
// Natural Gemstone Bracelet from ELA London //
// Hunter Original Tall Boots from SALE //
// (more sizes on) Hunter Tall Boots from ASOS //

After breakfast with some of the freshest local products we got from the “Breakfast Hamper” (see previous post) and the village shop, looking at the grey sky, I decided to go for a dip in the hot tub in the forest.




I’ve more pictures than what I can show you here, but all I can tell you is, THAT WAS A-MAZING!

Post hot tub, it took me a good half an hour or so to come back to real life. Back with some “serious” clothing I was talking about, i.e. breton stripes and mom jeans.


// Long Sleeve Breton from Boden //
// Linen Raglan Breton Jumper from White Company //
// MOTO Slogan Embroidered Mom Jeans from //
// Cheap Monday Donna Mid Blue Straight Leg Jeans from Urban Outfitters //
// Yellow Gold Mirror Sunglasses from //


What do you do when you put on your “serious” clothes then? Get out the laptop and answer some emails? Or reach for your mobile phone for a few instagram posts? Well you’re welcomed to do those, apart from that there is no electricity. So the best thing to do, my advise, is to put those aside. Better yet, switch them off. Eat some fruits, make tea from the traditional stove, make sure your fire is good, read a book or two, and plan dinner(and washing up) before it gets dark! And trust me, you can get used to this life, like I did, if you just find that off switch in your head(and on your phone).



Wondering where this amazing place is? Read this.