Sunday Huge Slide For Cancer Reserch

Doing something fun and for a good cause is always the most satisfying on my to-do list.

The past Sunday I signed up for the huge water slide supporting Cancer Research UK at the Summer Festival of Alexandra Palace. Cancer Research UK always holds a range of different activities and events to encourage different ways of raising money for the charity. (here’s a list of things you could take part in, take a look and I’m sure there’s something you would find interesting)

Pulled out a sporty t-shirt(that had the slogan “being young” in Chinese on the chest) from my wardrobe, and brought a tower with me, I was all ready to go. 

The weather was not exactly ideal for getting yourself completely drenched, but nonetheless the spirits were high! The huge pink rubber slide set against the beautiful historical building of Alexandra Palace, the view was amazing no matter looking up or down the hill. 

And posing with a foil that was handed out to keep the wet ones warm… who could resist it? 

The Summer Festival at Alexandra Palace was way more than just the slide(as if it wasn’t enough fun already). There was a dozen street food stalls, the ice rink, a silent disco, several stages for live music performance, a funfair, and a outdoor film screening of “Dirty Dancing” later on in the evening. 
The Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace) in North London, overlooking all of central London, is now really pushing to revive its great historical status and maintain the breathtaking architectures there. There is always something going on: another concert, another fair, or another exhibition, etc. Find out what’s going on here, and just the view from the palace itself will be well worth a trip.