Sunday Brunch At Hotel Du Vin

If there’s one meal that I’m always looking forward to, it’d be the Sunday brunch. If there’s one place that I always prefer to have my brunch in, it’d be Hotel Du Vin.

There are 16 branches of Hotel Du Vin. They spread across the whole of Britain, from the St. Andrew branch in the very north, all the way down to the Brighton and Poole branches along the south coast of the country. There are many great qualities about the hotel: from its unique design of architecture and interior decorations, to the top quality service provided to every customer of the hotel(that’s to include babies and dogs). But the best bit of all, must be the Sunday brunch menu at the Bistro of every Hotel Du Vin. 

So what’s so great about the Brunch? It’s a four course menu starting with the soup of the day. It’s then followed by the “market table”, oh the “market table”! I always prefer to go to the bistro at 12 as soon as the brunch starts. Because then I’ll get to see the “market table” being set up. Depending on the location of the hotel, the contents on the “market table” can very. But you’ll almost always get various types of cured ham, pate, seafood, pickle and fresh,seasonal vegetable. Oh, and of course a wide choice of perfectly baked, warm from the oven breads. You can go as many times as you can eat, make up your own plates of food from the table. If you want to try everything from the table, you’ll really need to pick the smallest portion possible. Or you can just decide to dive into some of your favourites(or just one favourite. I’m pretty sure that I once saw a man took nothing but a dozen fresh oysters from the table, and then went for more! Yes there are oysters served in certain branches, e.g. Brighton)

I recently stayed in Hotel Du Vin in Birmingham, and for the whole time I was there, all I could think about was the Sunday brunch. On the day, I walked in as the first customer for brunch, ordered the Virgin Mary, and watched the market table being set up like some kind of theatrical performance. Then came the tastiest, sweetest butternut squash soup. I had one taste of my soup, and never put down my spoon until I reached for the bread to scrape all the last bits of it left in the bowl. Had a little wine break, I marched over towards the “market table” to make my choice. I went for a bit of everything. And I have to admit that I did go for more than once as well. 

Naturally I had to take a longer moment after the “market table” to rest my mouth and stomach. It was the perfect time to have a good look around the Bistro as it gradually got filled up with happy crowds, mostly families. And outfit pictures, of course, anytime for me now:) Then all a bit too soon, my main course: grilled sea bream was here.

The fish was fresh, and grilled to perfection. Golden, crispy skin, with tender, juicy meat underneath. Topped with a sauce made of herbs, seasonal citrous and toasted almond flakes. I was barely able to finish the whole thing, considering being a bit to greedy earlier at the market table. I could only skip all the delicious looking desserts, and went for a strong coffee which hopefully was going to help me digest all of it. If you’re still not convinced at this moment, I can only tell you one more thing: all of which you have seen here(apart from the Virgin Mary I’d ordered on the side), will cost you under £25.00. No kidding. BOOK IT NOW.