Summer Wedding Ready With Nair

The invite comes a year ahead of the event, and you spend the whole year looking for the perfect dress. Still, as the date approaches(usually way too fast), there’s the panic of whether you’ve found the dress; and if yes, whether you’ve got the bag and shoes and accessories to go with it; how will you do your make up and hair on the day; and to me, most importantly, whether your body and skin is ready to show.

This wedding guest look is actually shot on the day of the event, at the actual location: Fiskardo, Kefalonia. I had thought about doing this in London when I had more prep time and materials. But still I chose to do it here in the end, so you guys can see how it turned out in reality. Because in reality, I had only a good 15 minutes to get ready with everything. All other precious times were spent in water, on the beach, or munching on Greek salad and grilled meats. 

And that usually is what the reality will be when you’re invited to an island wedding. That’s why I was so glad as argan oil hair removal brand Nair got in touch to corporate on doing this post. Because if I hadn’t had some workouts and my hair removal done in prep for all these, nothing could have happened in 15 mins.

// Printed Pleat Dress from Karen Millen //

The wedding is a super special one, all of us will go on a flotilla after the big day. There are 6 people staying on our catamaran, and as breathtaking as the views and sailings are, we’ll have to survive the next 10 days with limited number of showers and canned foods. 

I’m extremely looking forward! But just so you know, this will probably be the most glamorous post for a period of time to come.