Streets, Flowers, Cafes, Shops, People And Their Dogs

If I ever had to explain where the charm of Paris came from, I’d probably refer to the title of this article. 

By the way, I’d already developed a habit of taking my daily outfit pictures on the little balcony overlooking Tuileries Garden. I’ve missed it since I got back to London. Oh well!
// Boots from M&S // 
// Circle Ring (similar) // (picked up in a random boutique shop in Paris)

And now time for some seriously amazing, AMAZING recommendations: for great breakfast + quirky goodies shopping, head over Merci (imagine something like a Parisian version of Conran Shop); and for fragrance & beauty products shopping, Buly is the only place you’ll need to visit. They have the most beautiful shop, and(probably the most) helpful sales who’s got great expertise in their products and elegant handwritings(as they personalise your every purchase with your name written on the packaging). 

I chose to have my breakfast at the Used Books Cafe at Merci. Left extremely fulfilled, I took a walk in the shop of Merci, and later headed over to the Latin Quarter for some more city walks and coffee (where I meant wine actually) breaks:) 

And as I entered the magical world of Buly: