I’m a proud believer in traditional values and ways of doing things. One of many things I like to collect is notebook. As (seemingly) convenient as the modern technology is, I always prefer using pen and paper when I feel the need to jot something down. On my desk, there is the digital pile(including my Laptop, ipad, and cameras). And there’s the paper pile (consisting of a red Moleskine, a A4 size sketch book, a thick layer of sticky notes, and a box of Pantone swash cards). As if they were not enough, last week I decided to venture out and get myself a new little member for my notebook family. 
This time I’m aiming for one with a slim body that would fit in all my bags, and doesn’t create much extra weight for my shoulder. I’ll keep it with me all the time for when inspirations struck. 
Here’s what I wore:
Wool cap from H&M

Mock shirt jumper was an old purchase, you can easily recreate the style by layering a REAL jumper over a REAL shirt,

Leggings from Uniqlo HEATTECH,

Over the knee boots, similar styles from Stella Mccartney or Steve Madden,

Oriental print coat was an old piece from River Island, the closest thing I can find now is this one. But if you’re particularly into oriental prints, there are a lot of them around now on those kimono style jackets,
Bag from Zara.

In the end I got this little cutie. And yes, I took the chance to have a good laugh at myself and personalised it with my initials. On that note, I think it’s a good time to end the article.:)