Start Fresh

Every start of a fresh new year is a blessing simply because we are able to be here for it. Being able to start is always a wonderful thing, and usually the most difficult step of a journey.

Although the weather is still cold and gloomy, one(i.e. I) can’t help but feeling to approaching steps of spring. One of my old friends from A-levels(who graduated from Cambridge with her Economics degree) recently started a fashion brand in Singapore called “Whole 9 Yards”. The brand is all about romance, femininity and timeless elegance, yet every piece is so versatile that you can style it to different mood and style as you wish. If you haven’t seen them, I’d already styled two outfits(Belt & Top) with pieces from Whole 9 Yards, and they both were of very different styles. 

Feeling all refreshed at the start of a new year, this time I challenged another altogether different look with the softest, most floaty dress from the brand. 
//Peach Coloured Bomber Jacket(similar) from Oasis//
//Dress & Belt from Whole 9 Yards//
//Beige Knee Boots(similar) from Gucci or Gente Roma//
//Small Saffiano Bag from DKNY//

And as a note to those who might want to wear dresses with bare legs like I usually prefer, here are some tips to stop you from freezing up in the cold:

1. Wear layers, preferably something fitted, like a cashmere vest. Nobody needs to know.

2. Long/ over-the-knee/ up-to-crotch boots which will not only keep you warm but also inject instant personality into a too polished lady look.

3. Put on a wide, wide belt. It might not seem much, but this really does make a difference, try for yourself. //Similar Belt to the one I’m wearing here from GIORDANO FRANGIPANI//