There’s a place where the festive fun happens all year round. And that’s the South Bank.

The South bank possesses all the elements to guarantee a fun day out. You’ve got the Southbank Centre for art; the Royal Festival Hall for music and performances; the imax and the BFI for movies; the street performers, London Eye and Aquarium for the ultimate tourist experience; all sorts of popup installations for family fun; and a range of design boutiques and various food/book markets for local treasure hunt. 

The only thing is, you’ll probably want to spend quite a lot of time out in the cold visiting the markets or simply gazing at the beautiful views across the river. So in the colder days like now, you have to make sure to wrap up real warm.

But eventually when you’ve had enough of cold air, be assured that there are plenty of cafes and restaurants for you to hide away to warm up and have some comfort food/drinks.