Somethings Take Time

* this is a collaboration post with JORD

Reconnecting with nature is something all of us at the house like to do once in a while. And one of the perks of living in London is that you get to escape to the wild within 30 mins drive from city centre. All that you need is a gentle reminder, and then the biggest effort on your side is literately just to take the time. 

I’ll be honest, what’s reminded me this time to visit the nature, is the fact that I’m searching for ideas for this post featuring this wooden watch by JORD. The sleek walnut+steel strap and well crafted wooden frame takes my mind nowhere but the very nature itself that the material has come from. So I’ve taken hubby and the two biggest fluffy fans of the woods to Richmond park: somewhere we love to go for some fresh air, countryside vibes and the possibility of deer watching in west London.  The woods, the wildlife and the space easily make you lose track of time.   

Visiting the park in the cold, you get to breathe in the crisp, fresh air. Which, to me, is the best kind of air there is. Just remember to wrap up your body super warm, take a wool blanket and a hot bottle full of steaming hot coffee. They are going to make your little stroll in the wild so much lusher and nicer.  And the watch… it’s beauty really sublimed being taken back to the original context it has come from. The perfect blend of nature and nurture. Such precise craftsmanship has gone into the making of its mechanism as well as style. I’ve chosen the Conway series with a walnut & jet black combination for a new year treat to hubby. He’s a man with… how do I put it right…well, expensive classic taste when it comes to fashion, which I can’t fault with. When it comes to men’s fashion, I sometimes get a little envious. Comparing to us ladies’ wardrobes, men tend to have just a little less fast/trendy fashion. A lot of the pieces put more emphasis on wearability and detail. This watch is a great example that, and it goes with so many outfits in his wardrobe, looking far more expensive than its price tag(you’ll be pleasantly surprised). But don’t be gutted if you’re a lady reading this,  they also do women watches .

Wooden watch

Conway series walnut/jetblack

 In the end, what’s beautiful about a great watch is beyond its functionality to tell time. To the people at JORD, which I can’t agree more with, the watches should help you create meaningful moments rather than plain minutes. A watch that inspires us to take that time to appreciate nature again, that’s a good watch if you ask me.

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