Sniffing in Grasse, South France

Nearby Valbonne is another little historical town called Grasse, famous for its reputation as the “Capital of Perfume”.
After a very satisfying brunch thanks to a last minute run to the local Carrefour(oh that Carrefour I could have spent a day in there! All the fruits, vegetables, breads, desserts…well, long story short), I, once again, got into another dress that I hadn’t got to wear on the sailing trip, and to the pool with some more photoshoots!

It was the proper dress for summer! Light, airy, no bra needed, with a little sexy low V-cut and some lacing details. It was a budget piece already when I got it, and now even on more sale!

// Flared Dress from H&M now on SALE //
// Le Pilage Heritage (Black) from Longchamp on // 
( also seen here )
( also seen here )

After some fun twirling poolside, we drove a little more than half an hour to Grasse and obligatorily went on a perfume factory tour. The tour itself was short and sweet, but there was a lot of smelling and sniffing going on. By the end of it, we were brought to the most beautiful souvenir shop to top up on fragrances, candles, soaps…of which you can really never have enough of.