Smart Joggers

A few of the best trends of all time, in my opinion, are the ones that give justice to comfort and practicality in the world of fashion. My white Nike Air has been my go to footwear all year round. And recently, the joggers/track pants trend has also taken the high street by storm too. Comfortable yet elongating, pairs perfectly with smarter tops/blazer for that effortless chic vibe, I simply can’t find a single reason not to embrace this trend. img_3314 img_3324 img_3330 The zip down the bottom of the trousers makes sure that the hem falls beautifully to cover your footwear.  And the navy & red & white colour combo matches with a wide range of pieces in the wardrobe too.  img_3193 img_3203 img_3217 img_3220 img_3241 untitled-2img_3252 img_3254 img_3273 img_3279

img_3287untitled-3 img_3303

Hero pieces in this article:

Lace-up Body (INCREDIBLE Price at the moment)

Joggers (under 30 pounds)

Aquascutum Unstructured Bag

Sporty Sidestripe Trousers