Should I Bring An Umbrella?

Along with the new season come the rainy days. However in London, nobody in London takes the rain seriously. As long as you’ve got a hat or a trench coat on, we walk(slowly) in the rain as if it’s just another sunny day. But again, luckily the rain cloud in London comes and goes in a blink of an eye. So I don’t encourage you do this in any other place other than London, nor if the BBC has told you that the rain’s going to last all day.
Knitted jacket from REISS, similar style can be found at COS or M&S.
Glitter leggings from Topshop(similar); 
Organza sweater from ZARA;
Olive scarf from Isabel Marant (through Net-a-Porter)(similar) or Moonsoon
Shoulder bag from Lara Bohinc.
Jewellery wise I’ve kept it simple with a multi-chain necklace similar to here.
Pearl ring from (my current favourite)TASAKI. You can find them in London at Dover Street Market
With the hat you really need to find the most ideal shape that flatters your feature the most. Some suggestions here from Maison Michel on Net-a-Porter and Topshop which are similar ones to the one I had on.