She’s making a list


Choosing the right(any) gift is never easy. Especially if you’re trying to not repeat your ideas from one year to another. And there’s also yourself, to think of a proper treat to pamper yourself for a whole year of hard work, don’t you deserve that? So here I’ve picked a few of the nicest, and some quite unusual and interesting gifts across some of my favourite brands and websites this year. No matter if you’re thinking about a him, a her, or a cheeky little monster.

For him:


Shop for him under £50:

Shop for him over £50:

For her(under 50):


Shop these under £50 sweet little treats:

For her(over 50):


Perfect time to shop for a massive treat for someone extra special (some already in the sale even)


For the little one(to keep him/her stay good for the next year):