Seaside Picnic, 豆腐岬

This is the last one about Taiwan now. Although the trip’s finished for almost more than two months now. I still feel a little sentimental about finishing talking about it. For me the trip really ends when I finish talking about it here.

One of the best things about Taiwan is the amount of convenient stores dotted around all over the place. Similar to Japan, the variety of ready-to-eat meals available in the stores is very impressive to. There are microwaves behind the counter always, to help you heat up your meal if needed too. The existence of these stores make spontaneous picnics extremely easy to put together.

The weather that day didn’t look too promising for sunbathing or dipping in the sea. I layered this blue slip dress on top of a t-shirt in case I need some beach cover-up later, should the sun comes out. The famous Cult Gaia bag is surprisingly voluminous. I fitted my bikini, all the essentials and even a small bottled water too inside of it.  


Having my first oden(a Japanese style mixed clear stew) and cold sesame sauce noodles in front of the sea. The unusual location surely makes everything taste much better than it actually is. 

And you see, I wasn’t the only one who thought the sea view would make your food taste better?