Scotland Pt.1: The Best of Both Worlds

Happy new year all! As keen as I am to start new adventures of 2018, I have just a few more exciting travel pieces of 2017 to share with you here. Starting with this one:

The last trip I took before visiting Japan, was all the way up north in Scotland for a few days away with friends. We decided to brave the journey with a 7-hour road trip each way. After a bitter, long trip on a grey Sunday, we couldn’t be happier to finally arrive in the dark at the warm (a little grander version of)home-from-home in the midland Gleneagles.

What used to be a popular choice for golf lovers, the classic & traditional resort has gone under a trendy makeover by the Hoxton group earlier this year. The resort ground is beautiful and packed with a wide range activities including golf(of course), hiking, cycling, shooting, horse-riding, off-road driving, gun dog training, tennis and more. It was irresistible to sign up for a few of those, while injecting some relaxing sessions of spa in between.

As you’ll surely want to take some time admiring all the breathtaking scenery of the beautiful Scotland, it’s better the equip yourself with the right gear to stay outdoors for a long period of time. For a warm, weather proof outfit during the day, remember to wear a water repellent hat+outer layer, wellies, a good snuggly scarf and lots of layers underneath rather than just one thick coat.

Off-roading in the icy fields is on the top of my recommendations.

Great layering pieces to keep you warm wherever you are


Anticipating to brave the cold and step in mud for the day, and possibly dining in a fine dining restaurant/a highbrow bar for the night, the suitcase had to multi-function to the max.

My wardrobe has only just gone through the challenge of a trip to Iceland earlier this year, I was confident for the coldness during the day. And for the evenings, I threw in a satin skirt and a camisole top into the luggage. Separates allowed more combinations to be made: dressy skirt with a jumper; or a camisole top with a pair of jeans would both pass for most smart-casual dress codes. And when the two are combined, it becomes appropriate for any Michelin starred restaurant(which, by the way, happened to be one there within the hotel).

After a long, activity-filled day in the cold, it’s only right to retrieve to the bar by evening. The American Bar is exactly what we need: a extensive list of cocktails, wines and whiskies, plus  the most heavenly freshly-made truffles that melt when they touch your tongue. The only complaint from me is that this bar closes on Mondays(it should never close).

Some flattering skinny jeans from the Sale


If you’re considering a visit to Scotland at some point this year, I truthfully recommend staying here. *NOT AN AD