Sami, Kefalonia

We arrived at Sami at midday. Sami is located on the east coast of Kefalonia, full of buzzing shops, bars and restaurants along the streets facing the port. It was also the film set for Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, a 2001 film by Nicholas Cage and Penelope Cruz.

Within half an hour’s reach, we decided to visit the Melissani Lake and then the beautiful Mythos Beach in the afternoon.

The Melissani Lake is this underground blue haven that creates this environment with natural air conditioning of sorts. Turning into the tunnel from the burning ground, and the cool air just greets you right in the face. And walking towards the light at the tunnel, you finally reach the tranquil blue/turquoise gem like pond of water, well hidden in a deep cave. 

The tour for the lake lasts about half an hour, and the nearby Mythos Beach is another famous definition that’s worth spending a whole day at. It was the only sandy beach this time in Greece that we went to. The water was warm and pleasant, perfect for a little dip even if you were with family and kids.
After a whole afternoon on the beach, we finally headed back to ‘Enjoy’ to cook up some dinner, and for some much needed outfit photoshoots.
But the truth was, I almost just gave up my fashion thinking at that point and surrendered to the heat. Also, sailing itself was getting pretty demanding at the time, that all I worried about on a daily basis was getting to the destination, planning for meals from our limited stock of food and water, so basically, to survive and then enjoy the serenity of being far aways from society. 
Anyways, summer/holiday dressing in reality, is always about fun, and putting comfort first.

And as the night fell upon us, a delicious home cooked Chinese meal started cooking in the boat , and all of us set up on the deck to watch the orangy pink sky as we dug in to the pork and rice(well, sorry for the lack of food pictures, you couldn’t imagine just how hungry the boat people always were).