Right Place At The Right Time

I can’t say enough about how much I love this city during this time of the year. I greedily enjoy all the sceneries which I normally take for granted: Tower Bridge, London Bridge, the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, etc., as they usually just happen to be there on my way to home. But not today, not when this beautiful season is upon us. Today I use every inch of my skin to absorb the most amazing views offered to me at such privilege, as if they offer some kind of essential nutrition for my body. All the architectural masterpieces, and everything else, I just want to capture everything with my eyes(and on my SD card too of course).
Expect some rather amazing pictures I caught on my camera. But first let’s just bear with some of my fashion talks:)
Burgundy printed jumper was an old purchase from COS. It’s my go-to brand for quality knitwear, innovative shapes and cuts, and minimalistic designs. The closest thing I can find similar to mine is now this piece of knitted dress. Please check out similar styles from other brand with e.g. Yumi or Comme Des Garcons PLAY.
Brown leather skirt from Hobbs, similar from ASOS(steal) and Wallis(another steal really), or Isabel Marant(this would be a real splurge).
Burgundy leather loafers — also one of my all time favourite pieces, work with almost all outfits, unbelievably comfortable. Similar styles are to be found at ASOSKG Kurt Geiger and Clarks.
Leather tote was a retro Kate Spade.
Rubber link bracelet from Bimba Y Lola.
Pictures from London!