I couldn’t escape the cliché of using the colour red on Valentine’s day. But with the concert and dancing planned in the evening, I decided to go with something comfy and fun.

I’m sure you might have seen dungarees everywhere already for this season. I admit that it is kind of a trendy piece. If worn at the wrong times when the trend isn’t on its side, then it’s almost always going to end rather badly. Hence a great piece to grab in the “final reduction” stage of the sale! I haven’t owned one in years, but decided to go for these as they costed less than 20 pounds.

// Dungaree(similar) from //
// Satin Blouse from Mango //
// Quilted Denim Jacket(similar) from Gap //
// Heeled Platform Ankle Boots from Kat Maconie //
// Bag from Matter Matters //
(every piece above is on sale at the moment, I highly recommend all of them:) The bag I got it luckily during the Net-a-porter “Finds” sale but is now, unfortunately, back to normal price on its website)

I’m not linking any of the jewellery I was wearing, because many of them were pieces I’d owned for a long time, nothing hot and new, or extremely trendy. But if you see something interesting, leave a comment below and I’ll definitely tell you more about it(or even find a purchasing link if lucky:)). 

As I got ready, out came the balloon and roses from the hubby. And they matched perfectly with my blouse! Yay! 

Before I stepped out of the hotel room, one more red, and rather shiny thing were added to the look: my glittery lips!!! The lips lasted the entire evening of the concert: turned a quite a few heads, lasted a pint of beer, a cheese board, and a few kisses – nothing too french though…So, I’m saying it’s definitely worthing trying! Just something to add a bit of fun and festivity to your special day, why not?