Quick Lunch Stop in Paris – Udon Kunitoraya 虎庵

Udon Kunitoraya is a long word, let’s call it the “best udon place” shall we?

Everything you need to know about this amazing little udon shop located just off Palais Royal is that, it closes on Wednesdays. Apart from that, you’re all good to go! Reasonably priced, great central location, freshly made chewy udon noodles, quick & friendly service,etc… If you’re missing a little Japanese/good/hearty food in your life, top it all up there. Don’t let the queue beat you to it, it moves fast. Your turn comes in no time and you’ll find it worth every second in the queue.

My pork and mooli miso soup.

Nabeyaki Udon with mixed tempura served on the side.

Prawn tempura udon.

And my love: cold udon with dipping sauce.

After the quick, utterly satisfying lunch, we(well by “we” I meant I dragged my friends to)stopped at the last spot before heading to the eurostar train station, to top up on my candle supply.
Yes yes I’ve heard of Jo Malone and Cire Trudon… but I mean, when it comes to home fragrance candles, I’m all about Buly. It could be the sophisticated scents, the beautiful marble pots with glass domes, the personal calligraphy on the packaging, or just the experience as you set foot in the breathtaking interior of the shop on 6 rue Bonaparte, just a stone throw from Musée d’Osay…I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know how much I need one always at my nightstand. 

If you’re not visiting Paris anytime soon, just so you know, Buly does sell online. But in case you are going to Paris, a trip to the shop is well worth the travel.