Print On Print

It’s the day I finally recovered from the terrible fever I’d suffered for almost 2 weeks! And I went a bit overload on prints.

There are things you see season after season in fashion. These prints that I piled on are all elements like that. An Burberry print shirt, a check coat and a dogtooth scarf… Does it work? You be the judge:)

In case you feel the outfit could work for you too, my(or similar) pieces can be found at:

// Check Coat (similar) form Libertine on ASOS or from Warehouse on ASOS //
// Cotton Shirt (similar) from Burberry on //
// Scarf (similar) from Missguided //
// Pleated Dress (similar) from Issey Miyake at Selfridges //
// Black HEATTECH Leggings from Uniqlo //// Beige Knee Boots(similar) from Gucci // 
(The pair I had in the pictures were an absolute bargain found in the messy shelves of a TK Maxx. I love the look and feel of these so much, and the closest thing I could find were these ones from Gucci but costed more than 10 times as much! So if you are feeling lucky, please visit a TK Maxx store and see what you’ll find there! I recommend the Tottenham Court Road & Covent Garden Branches for best fashion stock)
// Cross-body Bag from ASOS //
// Black Leather Gloves (similar) from M&S //
// Fox Head Earrings (similar) from //

To complement the whole look, I decided to backcomb my hair rather vigorously. The result doesn’t look too strong as I didn’t use any product for this casual look at all. A simple tight low ponytail felt just right for the style I was going for 🙂