Postmodern Jukebox

Somehow the day got to this stage(which, as you can tell, was rather amazing). But it certainly didn’t start this way. 

There were much more to our Valentine’s day which I wanted to talk about, such as the flower, the heart shaped ballon, the hotel, the food, my outfit, my glittery lipstick, etc. I’m including pictures of all these things here just so it makes more sense how roughly the day went down perfectly. But more on those I will talk about in another blogpost later. Here I’m going to talk about one and only one thing: the concert. 

We bought tickets to a concert long time ago to see this band – Postmodern Jukebox in Birmingham on Valentine’s day. I’d been stalking them on their youtube channel for about half a year now. They are just a group of the most creative, energetic, charismatic, talented funny musicians, who turns any top-of-the-charts pop music/classics into different 20’s century music style renditions(i.e. a lot of “shoo-be-doo-wah”s and “sha-la-la-la”s).
The heart and brain behind this band is the composer/pianist Scott Bradlee. His usual crew in America is at least 3 times bigger than what has managed to come on the Europe tour. But plenty of them came to deliver a great show. There were: the pianist himself, a drummer, a base, a trumpet, a saxophone, four singers(one played the MC as well), three burlesque dancers, a tap dancer, and a (crazy) tambourine player.  
I’ve flooded my instagram with videos from the performance. Because they were pretty fantastic! See for yourself through their youtube channel. Or if you really want to, go see them live on the rest of their Europe tour! They are going to be in London and Brighton for tomorrow and the day after, and then they are going on to the rest of Europe until 20th March. Check their schedule and see if you can meet them at any of these. You’re going to have a blast I’m sure! And you’re welcome:)