Pizza In Nice… Why Not?

Pizza in Nice? You probably don’t need a recommendation as such if you’re craving for fine French cuisines, seafood platters or a dozen of snails. But if at one point of your trip, you suddenly feel like spending less than 10 euros for some honest, unpretentious, tasty food, plus a heartwarming greeting and some big smiles from the waiting staff for a change, I’ve got just the place for you!

First a few pictures of Nice for you just to prove that I wasn’t in Naples. 🙂

Anyways, as the sun started to set, we went into this what looked like a little takeaway pizza shop(and it was indeed) and had the best pizza EVER. The shop was called Made in Sud, 2 minutes walk away from Port Lympia. All it specialised in, was authentic pizzas with excellent quality ingredients baked to perfection that would cost you under 10 euros. 
We ordered the little one a plain dough as she’s unfortunately allergic to dairy. But what a treat even just by the bread itself! Crispy and golden on the outside and fluffy on the inside. After tasting this dough, we were ever so confident on what was going to come next.

Glogging away on some fine Italian beer while expectation built up high on the pizzas!

Finally! Steaming hot pizzas fresh out of the oven, the mouth just couldn’t stop watering. He ordered pizza with pork sausage and friarielli. And she ordered pizza with parma ham, rocket, Parmesan which came as a big platter of salad served on top of a sizzling dough! The (smiley)waiter drizzled vinegar and olive oil on top of her pizza after it was served, and she just couldn’t wait to dig in! The rest, was proper ruthless eating actions. Apparently, this pizzeria does nothing really fancy but just real Italian pizzas, according what some TripAdviser reviews written by Italian people. But even them were amazed to find such authenticity outside of Italy. And for me, having had those pizzas from Made in Sud, no more midnight craving for a slice of Dominos will ever occur again!

Stuffed ourselves and with more left to takeaway, we strolled back to the hotel taking more pictures for you just as a reminder to show yet again, we were still in Nice. And in case you’re wondering what I was wearing back there, it was this super flattering jumpsuit that concealed a round, full stomach, yet magically slimming at the waist!