Perfectly Sliced Beijing Duck in Kensington

Forget all “Shredded Aromatic Duck” or “Peking Style Crispy Duck” from any Chinese takeout shops and restaurants you’ve ever had before. Because they are all shattered when put into comparison with the duck you’ll have in Min Jiang.

The Beijing Duck at Min Jiang is done the way it’s supposed to be done. Tasty, crispy, slightly fatty skin with tender and succulent meat on the inside. The most crispy bit of skin is sliced of first, you dip a piece into sugar and embrace the fatty part melt at the bottom of your tongue. As a Chinese, I usually prefer to wash it down with some nice Pu’er tea which will help taking away any feeling of greasiness. But sometimes I find an oaky red can go well with the dish too.

 The wait while the chef slice the whole duck at your table can be a bit torturous especially if you are already a bit peckish. But there’s the advantage of being on the 10th floor of Royal Garden Hotel. Just take your eyes to the beautiful view of Hyde Park and the rest of London, and in a blink of an eye, a full plate of beautiful duck will magically appear on your table.

After making wrap after wrap of delicious duck meat pairing with different vegetables, pickles and sauces in their homemade pancakes. The rest of meat around bones will be shredded and made into soup, fried rice or noodles according to your own liking and choice.
Usually a whole duck shared between 4-6 people with a couple more dishes is more than enough. And a whole duck is 58 pounds, extremely humble pricing for something done to perfection, regardless of the location.
The place is never on “hot list”, but it remains an all time favourite for many local residences, and I can assure that you won’t be disappointed. The duck is second to none even when you compare it to the finest in China(I’m sorry, but forget about Hu Tong in Shard). 
Always call in to book! And don’t forget to book your duck as well.(I’m bloody serious, say “I want to book a(half of a) duck” when you make the booking!)