Perfect Moments, Iceland

The more I look back on the trip to Iceland, the more it becomes a map connected by a dozen dots of perfect memories. Of course there are the highlights of involved with stuff like aurora watching in the hot tub(if interested, read more about it in the previous post) and so on… but it’s fascinating how other, at the time, less “significant” moments have been polished by time, and really started to shine as perfect little milestones. A heartwarming morning tea; a fairytale like little house in the middle of nowhere; a cheerful drink with friends; an exchange of smiles with a complete stranger; a pink sunset, a good night’s rest…. all of these little things have come together and made those other “wow” moments possible.

This is definitely NOT a sponsored article. Although I did borrow the brand name of the ski jacket I bought in preparation for the trip, to use in the title of this article. “Perfect moment” is really just the perfect name for such a cheerful, outdoor activity wear brand. Being in the red/white stripy jacket, I somehow was reminded to enjoy and savour every moment a little more. Plus the reasonable pricing and functional design, I couldn’t have brought along a better jacket with me to a winter destination. Highly, thoroughly, genuinely recommended.


As I draw this Iceland travel series to a close, there are two less talked about places I’d love to recommend to you. One grows and serves all food, drinks and products made from the four types of tomatoes that live in the greenhouse, which glows in the snow fields of Selfoss. Fridheimar has already been ranked first in the restaurant category in Selfoss. I am confirming here again, it’s really well worth a visit. Get your boost of vitamin C and happy, positive energy from the lovely ambiance, warm staffs, or simply the four varieties of Bloody Mary. 

If you’re undecided on the Blue Lagoon, or feeling a little put off by the crowd/price, I’m suggesting a great alternative outside of Reykjavik: the Laugarvatn Fontana . It’s also a natural geothermal bath. You almost never need to book. Because it’s never over-crowded like the Blue Lagoon. The hot bath pools are right next to a big lake. Dipping into the freezing cold water with your warm, pink body gives a whole new sensation that you’d never have felt before. And an ice cream after the bath session, while watching the last bit of sunlight gracing the tip of the mountain in the near distance…nothing can describe “perfect” better than the very moment.