Park Chinois, Mayfair

We checked out Park Chinois, Alan Yau’s much anticipated new venture a while ago during Chinese new year. 
Back then it was still freezing cold midwinter(not that now is any better), I went for my trusted vintage fur that was purchased two years ago in Paris, and a pair of wide leg denim trousers which allowed room for my usual heattech leggings underneath. A top in the same colour as the jeans to help blur the waistline and elongate the figure, so I figured. And the falabella backpack that (hopefully) injected a breathe of youth in the otherwise mature and luxe image that a fur coat could usually represent.   

Back when I bought the coat, there wasn’t as many faux fur choices available around. And I figured the only way I can justify buying fur was vintage. That trip in Paris was so freezing cold, and I bought this piece which kept me alive strolling along the beautiful Parisian streets. 
But now there are so many amazing faux fur all around with incredible designs and value. I’ve picked a few options which I thought would go well with the rest with my outfit here:

And if you find it difficult, like I do, to find a colour matching top with your favourite denim, a new season denim dungaree could well be the solution. 

Backpack as seen in this article
// Stella McCartney Falabella Backpack (in blue) //
// Stella McCartney Snake-print Backpack on //

Talking about the restaurant itself, situated off Berkeley Square in Mayfair, a stone throw away from Alan Yau’s ex-restaurant legend Hakassan. The old Shanghai glamour immediately reveals its seductive beauty as you enter the red velvety lounge. 

The cocktail list is very tempting. A gin based orangey long glass(one on the right below) was one of the stars of the dinner. 

Tiong Bahru Tofu Soup

Chicken Soup cooked in Chinese wine and medicine

Sichuan Chili Chicken(a good authentic flavour with a twist of fusion style)

Duck de chine, which you have to order in advance. Being a peking duck fan, and a loyal regular of Min Jiang, this duck definitely passed my skeptical standards. Perfectly roasted, packed with flavour, and the homemade pancakes that wrapped the duck were skilfully well prepared. 

For those who think Park Chinois was too posh/expensive for your taste, now think again. The full duck with unlimited pancakes is 75 pounds, that would easily stuff 3-4 of you. Plus some drinks and appetisers of your choice, a dinner there could actually end up to be around 30 per head for a group of 4. You might want to splurge and indulge a little while you’re there, but it would be entirely depending on your budget and mood. But if you just look at the price  for that sumptuous duck, at that location, in that surrounding, I genuinely cannot fault it. 

Tofu Veggie Claypot

Glass Vermicelli, Lotus Root Claypot 

Park Carbonara with sea urchin and udon

As the night went on, the band started to gather on the stage, and the most mellow jazz started to play. That’s when the night really began, and everyone was teleported back to the 20’s grand and sleepless city of Shanghai.