Paris Special – Jin 仁

Walking into Jin on the Wednesday evening, everyone was expecting us. The waitress warmly greeted us and took our coats, while the chefs were standing by at their stations, knifes sharpened and shined, ready on the counter.
I first visited Jin about two years ago. I just walked past it and immediately got attracted by the modest yet polished look of the place. It literately had me, at barely a hello. (My first review can be read here)

Opened for just over 3 years, and recently awarded a Michelin star, Jin is doing very well to say the least.



First thing’s first, a round of drinks for everyone. Again, each drink came in a different cup/flask/glass. I turned into a giddy kid waiting to see what my sparkling sake would come in.




…a champaign glass of course.

Then the stream of food came one after another. First up, a mushroom soup.


Tuna tartar with caviar (optional at an extra 40 euros on top of the fix menu)

Sea bass sashimi with pickled wild garlic, wasabi and salt.

Here comes my favourite of the evening: bluefin tuna sashimi with pickled seaweed, shallots and wasabi. Full of sweetness from the fat of the fish, and all the flavours combined just perfectly.

Grilled mullet with (if you can see closely, very finely knife work on the)pickled cucumbers.

Oyster with asparagus.

Second drink of course, about time.

Fish intestine pate with chive and pickled radish.

Sushi chef prepared all the fish ready to go with the nigiri feast.


Each sushi was made right in front of us, and as soon as he gave it to us, we ate it immediately. I didn’t take a picture of every nigiri, for some of them I just couldn’t help stuffing it in straight away. No soy sauce was needed because every nigiri had been seasoned the way it should’d been when given to us. All we had to do was to eat, enjoy, clean the fingers, and dig in again.








A mini celebration with another drink for finishing all the nigiris? yes!

A warm, clear miso soup to round things up.

A seasonal physalis to clear the palate.

And a strawberry creme fraiche to finish the meal.

As lovely as ever, I’ve decided to not spoil your experience by saying too much. However, if you’re looking for a truly authentic Japanese cuisine experience in Paris, at a price level reasonably affordable(by which I don’t mean “affordable” on daily basis, but occasionally if you want to have a special dinner, it won’t break your bank). Then I can’t recommend it more: Jin, (extremely)central paris, on 6 rue de la Sourdiere.